morongo Casino Resorts And Resort Review

Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa at Christmas time have just introduced the first ever cashless gambling program in California, and also are becoming the second Indian online casino in the state to offer non-cashable slot machines. The cashless gambling technology is being offered by Marker Trax in association with the Morongo casino. This new system will enable players to play slots and poker games without cash. To know more about this exciting service you can log onto the official website of Morongo Casino, Resort and spa at the links given below.

morongo casino

The Morongo Resort & Spa, located at Simi Valley, California is one of the best casinos in the world. The casino floor is divided into five zones namely – the main casino room, gaming room, pool side, restaurants and bars. The renovation project at the casino is aimed at giving an entirely new look to the casino floor. Apart from this major feature, this project is going to introduce some of the old casino games in a modern way, which would surely attract more casino lovers.

This major project also includes the introduction of two brand new restaurants in the gaming space. One of the restaurants serves Indian food and drinks and the other one will serve European cuisine. The restaurant serving international food and drinks will be named as “First Degree”. Another exciting addition in this expansion project is the launch of two hotels – Hotel Westwood Suites and Hotel Hawthorn Suites. Both these hotels are located at a very close proximity to the main casino. They both offer fantastic facilities such as direct dial telephones, safe rooms, business centers and more.

Another new restaurant that is being introduce into the casino floor is “Le Bistro Bleu”. It is a French-inspired restaurant, which will open in the casino floor at an unknown date. The restaurant is being operated by Morongo Group. Other than this, another popular restaurant called “Le Burger Brasserie” is also being opened in the casino floor. This French-inspired restaurant will open a new restaurant area on the second floor for nightlife.

Another major feature of this major casino renovation is the introduction of a brand new resort & spa. This resort is being proposed at a place called Dream Gardens. Dream Gardens is a very unique concept in the world of casino luxury resort & spa. The resort is being planned to open in the year 2021. This resort & spa are surely going to offer great luxurious experience to the tourists who come to casino resorts.

Another unique feature of the morongo casino is their online gambling options. This casino has successfully adopted the e-gambling trend. The main aim of the morongo casino is to attract more people to their casino and online casinos. The success of this e-gambling initiative can be gauged from the fact that there are about two hundred thousand daily visitors to the casino. The main aim of the morongo casino in this regard is to achieve greater success in this field and also to increase their share in the targeted tourist market.